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Mike Markuson



Mike Markuson is a motivational keynote speaker based in Nashville, TN. metroplex who speaks to conferences, associations, & corporate teams on competitive mindset, leadership, and creating a winning culture.

Is This You? 

You climbed the life ladder and you had it all, great family, great job, nice car, nice house, all good.

You've sacrificed and paid a high price for success. 

You've drifted into a lifestyle of anguish that is mentally destroying you.


You've endured hardship, brokenness and frustration.

If you can relate to any of the statements above, then you know that something needs to change… but are you BRAVE ENOUGH TO CHANGE?

Mike challenges men to make transformational change in their lives when faced with adversity.  

This Can Be You

A life of gratitude and contentment.

No longer stressed, no longer broken, and no longer addicted.

Reclaim your mind, body and soul.

All this can be yours when you are 


I transformed my thinking which allowed me to reclaim my life. My transformation gave me purpose to redefine my life and allowed me to be BRAVE ENOUGH TO CHANGE

Mike's Keynote Talks 

Coach Mike Markuson speaks on transformation and change when life is full of discouragement. In his inspiring talk, individuals will learn how to better combat the "Storms" of stress, anxiety, and alcoholism by developing a game plan to win and overcome these obstacles. Through Mike's presentation audiences will learn to identify these problems and how to use tools to change their relationship with stress, anxiety, and alcoholism, to create a healthy life experience and beyond. Mike will instruct and guide you through this encouraging journey of transformation. He will empower your men and leaders to be "Brave Enough to Change."

Mike brings passion, wisdom, truth and most of all speaks on the obstacles he has had to overcome. Don’t miss out on hearing Mike Markuson speak on so many LIFE LESSONS !
Houston Nutt, SEC Head Coach and CBS Football Commentator
Every Keynote is filled with Real-life Stories and Strategic Solutions

* BRAVE ENOUGH TO CHANGE - Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

It happens to all of us, Life Changes! What we do with it is directly proportional to our attitude and mindset. 

Coach Mike speaks about Transformation and applying this principle to your current situation. Job loss, addiction, financial problems, and relationship issues cause great stress and anxiety. Coach Mike will share his story and provide the tools necessary for you to fulfill your life purpose and be brave enough to change your current situation.

* FROM DEFEAT TO VICTORY - Creating a Winning Culture

Creating a winning culture within yourself and your organization is difficult, it takes special people to be committed followers to an idea, team, and business. Coach Mike Speaks on team Building for optimal success, plus what it looks like to win every day. Incorporating a positive mental attitude and working diligently to be the best version of ourselves and our team. Some people were born to lead while others are not. Mike discusses the significance of being a productive leader. Achieveing maximum performance from the people underneath you! Mike has won several football championships as a major college football coach. He will speak and guide you on a mission of excellence and productivity.

WHEN YOUR WINDOW CLOSES - Slaying your Giant Within

Your inner self is on a destructive path of no return. Poor decisions and a lack of control have left an empty void within yourself. The answers are not there and you are frantically trying to search for them. You are troubled by the storms of stress anxiety and brokenness. You have formed an addiction to something that is holding you hostage. Coach Mike will speak with you and the problems associated with alcohol addiction. He understands certain issues can serve as "Triggers for people to drink and become dependent on alcohol. In this inspiring story, Mike will speak to you about recovery and how all of us can quit any addiction and fulfill our life purpose.


Mike presented his story to a group of people who were in transition between prison and free-world living. Mike’s natural ability to motivate people is stimulating and powerful. He is a great speaker who will deliver a message of hope plus bring value to your audience with his presentation.   
          Jay Richardson, Pastor Emeritus Highland Colony
Jay Richardson.jpg

Bring Mike in to Speak to Your Organization

Coach Mike Markuson is an experienced speaker who helps men and organizations across the country achieve their goals. His unique approach combining knowledge and experience to help teams and businesses to be "Brave Enough to Change" is unparalleled. He is an absolute must for any group looking to reach their maximum potential.

Coach Mike's  energy captivates attendees while lecturing at the “Glazier Clinics.” Individuals at the presentation came
away uplifted with his knowledge and expertise.
He brings a exhilarating lecture and everyone in attendance benefits from his speech.

Randy Pippin

Former National Director, Glazier Clinics


Transformational Approach to Facilitate Change



Develop, Execute, Finish


Creation of New Ideas



Healthy Habits


Walk Matches 

Your Talk

Mike's Story

Coach Mike's Story

Coaching collegiate football has been my life and passion. I have spent forty years on the sidelines at fifteen different NCAA Universities and experienced the thrill of coveted stadiums and fan bases, especially during my fourteen years in the South Eastern Conference. The adversity each game presented, the peaks and valleys, the great players I coached and the many moves across the United States are evidence that I was committed and determined to be the very best offensive line coach in America.

For the most part, I did things the right way but the stress of my profession and ambition also led to periods of life marked by unwise thinking and disastrous choices. These were periods that left me gasping for air and wondering how my future would turn out. 


The good news is, today, I am a different man. God has led the way. I have recovered and my thinking has changed on all fronts. My life is so much better! I am a better man for having gone through this. My story threw me into the "storms" of stress, brokenness and addiction. I understand and want to share with you the change of thinking that brought me to where I am today. You can get better and be better too! You just have to be  BRAVE ENOUGH TO CHANGE!

              ACTION gives you TRACTION

Mike's Bio

Mike's BIO

Transformational speaker and coach Mike Markuson has had a blessed career as a collegiate football coach. Serving as offensive line assistant at Oklahoma State University and the U of Notre Dame. Coaching the Offensive lines at the University of
Arkansas, University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), and Boise State University. His resume speaks for itself.

Having coached Heisman Trophy winner Barry Sanders, two-time Doak Walker award winner Darren McFadden and Remington Award winner Johnathon Luigs. Mike has coached multiple All-Americans and several players to go on to the NFL including, Michael Oher, Brandon Burlsworth, John Jerry, Shawn Andrews, and a host of others. Nominated four times for “The Broyles Award” which goes to the nation's top assistant coach.


Coach Mike speaks about transformational change and the ability to think differently in life's difficult and trying situations.

Experiencing multiple rises and falls throughout his career Mike is in a program of recovery from alcohol and knows how thinking differently can “Fix” all of us. Mike attributes his transformation to his relationship with God and his willingness to change. Mike knows to gain traction we must add action.

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